Cytomel is a different type of compound as it is not an anabolic steroid, nor is it a SARM or any other category of substance that is commonly used by bodybuilders or athletes. It is a synthetic form of a thyroid hormone called T3, or triiodothyronine, which is produced naturally in the body. The synthetic form is known as Liothyronine Sodium, with Cytomel being the brand name.
This synthetic T3 is very similar to the original triiodothyronine hormone, but not exactly the same. Small variations of the chemical structure have resulted in Cytomel having a high rate of oral absorption and an increased level of potency.

What is T3 Cytomel?

Cytomel (T3) is used as a prescription medication to treat the common health problem of hypothyroidism which is where the thyroid gland is unable to produce enough thyroid hormone for normal functioning of the body’s metabolism.
As the metabolism is largely controlled by the thyroid hormone, hypothyroidism causes a slow metabolism and results in weight gain, fatigue and a range of other health issues.
It’s the effects on the metabolism that made Cytomel appealing to athletes and bodybuilders. Most of all, the potential for accelerated fat loss by boosting the metabolic rate. Only when used with a diet that’s calorie restricted, combined with a proper exercise regime will Cytomel have benefits for losing fat.
Cytomel should not be thought of as a miracle drug for weight loss, but rather an aid to potentially optimize the functioning of the metabolism.
Another similar hormone is T4, however T3 is considered much more powerful. It is available both as a pharmaceutical product and on the black market. It comes most commonly in tablet form, although injectable is also available however is not common or recommended. To legally obtain Cytomel via a pharmacy you require a prescription.
Cytomel is not currently listed as a prohibited substance in professional sports, but its lack of performance enhancement effects is unlikely to make this a drug that appeals to athletes for improving performance.

Mechanizm of action of Cytomel in the body

The effect of each drug is based on the properties of the active substance. If we consider a fat burner like Cytomel, it is interesting to note that triiodothyronine T3 is used in its manufacture. This hormone is produced by the thyroid gland. It was recently synthesized and has quickly found its uses. Cytomel can accelerate the body’s metabolism and help athletes who want to get rid of excess weight. The product accelerates cellular activity so that proteins, fats and carbohydrates are metabolized very quickly.
Before competitions, Cytomel, based on triiodothyronine, is used to eliminate fat deposits and excess fluids while keeping the diet unchanged. The drug is often combined with clenbuterol to increase its effect, resulting in a powerful effect. The athlete’s muscles become more attractive and sculpted. The drug can also be used in combination with anabolic agents to begin building muscle mass while eliminating fat deposits.
Thiodothyronine (T3, 3,5,3′-L-triiodothyronine) is a thyroid hormone secreted directly (in small amounts) and externally (mainly as a result of peripheral triiodination of thyroxine (T4)) from the gland. T3 enters the nucleus of cells and interacts with specific nuclear receptors on target tissues, which determines its biological activity. This interaction leads to the transcriptional activation of several genes.
In the pituitary and peripheral tissues, the effects of thyroid hormones are regulated by local deiodinases, which convert T4 to the more active T3, whose molecular effects in certain tissues depend on the subtypes of T3 receptors and their interaction with other ligands, coactivators and corepressors, as well as on the activation or repression of specific genes.
Inadequate T3 production is primarily due to dietary iodine deficiency, but less frequently to defects in genes encoding proteins involved in T3 biosynthesis. Low iodine intake triggers a so-called adaptive mechanism involving an increase in the proportion of T3 synthesized, which increases the metabolic efficiency of thyroid hormones. In the absence of trace elements such as selenium in the diet, the conversion of T4 to T3 is reduced.
Thyroid hormones play an important role in the regulation of homeostasis and metabolism of human and mammalian cells and tissues. They are essential for physical and mental development. Insufficient production of thyroid hormones during fetal organ formation and during childhood can lead to various pathologies, including central nervous system disorders, and consequently to growth retardation and mental retardation. In adulthood, hypothyroidism leads to metabolic disorders, memory loss, depressive disorders and reduced fertility. The use of combination drugs (levothyroxine sodium + liothyronine) for the treatment of hypothyroidism has been widely discussed and controversial conclusions have been drawn. This article discusses the metabolic effects of T3, the most active thyroid hormone.
Thyroid hormones are not indicated for the treatment of inflammatory symptoms (dry skin, fatigue, constipation, reproductive disorders, stunted growth, or obesity) without laboratory confirmation of hypothyroidism, as they can cause hyperthyroidism in patients with hypothyroidism. Each patient’s dose should be individually adjusted based on clinical response and thyroid function tests.
Thyroid hormone therapy usually begins with low doses, which are gradually increased until a euthyroid state is achieved, after which maintenance doses are used. However, this is not necessary in neonates where it is important to achieve hypothyroidism quickly; treatment can be started with a full replacement dose. The risk of rapid dose escalation is lower in younger patients than in older patients.

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T3 Benefits

As you might expect, the main benefits of Cytomel relate to its relationship with the metabolism as a thyroid hormone. Regulation of the metabolism is what this thyroid hormone does in the body and when it is not functioning as it should, a person can have great difficulty in losing weight and often finds themself putting on weight without explanation.
This tells us that Cytomel T3 provides positive benefits for promoting an efficient metabolism that is working optimally for fat loss, and this is the main reason you will choose to use this drug. Let’s look at the specific benefits of T3.

Fat Loss

This is certainly the main and likely only benefit of interest to those using Cytomel. Its only other purpose is in treating hypothyroidism, so if you are using it for any other reason it will be to encourage fat loss.
By replicating the natural T3 hormone, the metabolic rate is enhanced. This does not directly lead to any noticeable weight loss though; you need to diet and exercise to take advantage of your now more efficiently functioning metabolism. The body will be in a position to burn more fat, and to burn it faster. If the diet is in a calorie deficit this fat burning will be noticeably quicker compared with dieting without Cytomel.
Cytomel comes with great benefits for losing fat, but there’s a catch to be aware of: it has no direct anabolic activity and it’s very likely that you will also lose lean muscle while supplementing with Cytomel. As the higher metabolic rate continues, the body needs more energy to burn and it will not take a preference for burning fat; therefore many users report loss of muscle.
This is a major issue for bodybuilding and athletic users who will not want to be losing muscle tissue. To avoid this problem, the majority of Cytomel users will want to add an anabolic steroid alongside Cytomel to act as a protective anabolic compound to assist with retaining muscle.

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What are the benefits you can expect with Cytomel T3?

The most notable benefit of this supplement is its ability to increase energy production in the body. It can boost your mood, give you more endurance and improve mental function so you’re able to get things done easier.  All of this makes it a great choice for weightlifters who want to get more out of their workout.
Cytomel T3 can also help boost metabolic rate and increase the number of calories burned during your workouts. It’s especially effective when used in conjunction with a diet and workout regimen that includes aerobic and anaerobic exercises.  This helps you achieve better results in less time, making it ideal for weightlifters and bodybuilders who want to see the most results in the shortest amount of time.

Here are the best benefits you can expect from taking Cytomel T3:
Increased energy production and metabolism:

When you have a higher metabolic rate, it means your body is able to burn more calories. It also means you have more energy so you can get things done in a shorter amount of time. This will help you lose weight and keep it off long term, which can benefit those who are trying to achieve optimum health and fitness results.
In addition, this supplement can boost your energy levels and make you want to get up and go. This means you will be more likely to maintain a steady workout routine without having to worry about losing motivation.  This makes it ideal for those who have a difficult time staying on track with their fitness goals.

Improved heart health:

Heart health is very important when it comes to overall wellness. While Cytomel T3 does not directly impact your heart function, it can help lower your cholesterol levels and prevent the build-up of plaque in the arteries, so blood flow remains normal.  This helps improve circulation for better cardiovascular function and reduces the risk of high blood pressure associated with plaque buildup.

Improved mental function:

A decreased ability to focus can make working out difficult. However, many don’t realize the strain constant stress has on mental health until it’s gone. This supplement can give you more energy, so you have better motivation to work out and be productive throughout the day without feeling worn down by your workout schedule or responsibilities.
It can also improve your mood, so you have a better outlook on life and more motivation to get things done. This makes it easier to stick with your exercise routine because you have a boost in energy levels and improved mental function, which helps you achieve maximum results without having to worry about overextending yourself. 

Suppresses appetite:

Many individuals have a difficult time controlling their cravings. This can lead to overeating and weight gain, which is why appetite suppressants like Cytomel T3 are useful for helping you achieve your fitness goals. It curbs your cravings, so you don’t feel the need to binge on unhealthy foods when you’re having a bad day or lack motivation to work out.  This makes it easier for you to get in shape while still maintaining a healthy diet.

Boosts metabolism:

When your metabolic rate increases, you have more energy and are able to burn more calories throughout the day. This means you can reach your weight loss goal faster without having to worry about losing motivation or suffering from a lack of energy.
In addition, this makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight because you have more fuel for your body to use as energy instead of storing fat cells for later use. This helps keep the body in an optimum state so you can stay as healthy as possible and live life without any limitations.

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Cytomel Using

If you’re an experienced steroid user and have decided to give Cytomel a go, you should be aware that it obviously won’t be giving you steroid-type results or working in the same way as anabolic steroids.
If you’re adding Cytomel to a steroid stack then you should be noticing some additional benefits on top of those experienced with your steroid compounds. Most of all that will involve not losing valuable muscle tissue, which is one of the great risks of using Cytomel at higher doses.
When it comes to Cytomel results, it is going to very much be a case of getting out exactly what you put in. And that means your results are going to be highly dependent on your exercise and diet program. Cytomel itself won’t be directly burning fat, but it will make it easier for your to burn fat as your metabolic rate will be increased.
The better your diet is, including calorie control, then the quicker and more efficient you will lose fat with Cytomel. You will need to be working out regularly and doing plenty of cardio work to make the most of your increased metabolism as a result of Cytomel’s activity of providing a constant source of thyroid hormone.
The amount of fat you lose on a Cytomel cycle will also depend on your current body condition – there is simply no standard set of results but you can be certain of seeing a positive outcome if you put in the required effort.
When using Cytomel with steroids, the results take on a whole new level and depending which compounds you include you will be seeing not only fat loss, but maintaining of existing muscle rather than any muscle loss, a boost to energy and strength, and the potential for muscle gains if your workouts support that outcome.
Your results with Cytomel will be what you make them, but there is no doubt this drug has the certain potential to make fat burning more efficient.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Cytomel provides a direct source of thyroid hormone, which is critical for regulating the metabolism. Cytomel itself does not directly cause weight loss. But when enough thyroid hormone is present, the metabolism works at an optimal level resulting in a more efficient use of energy sources which then leads to a loss of fat if the diet is sufficiently calorie controlled and regular cardiovascular exercise is undertaken.
I’m not going to deny that Cytomel can work very well for boosting your metabolism and thus making it easier to lose weight – if you’re happy to ignore the health risks of using a prescription drug in a way it’s not designed for.
For the average person, using Cytomel is not something they are comfortable with. They are spot on to be hesitant! Cytomel for fat loss requires you to use anabolic steroids so you don’t lose muscle. That alone is enough to turn most people away – after all, do you really want to be burning your hard earned muscle tissue while burning fat?
Using Clenbutrol gives you all the benefits of Cytomel, plus additional advantages, without worrying about how to obtain a prescription drug and the associated health impacts it can cause.
Clenbutrol is a win-win in every area when used as a top quality, highly effective replacement for Cytomel.